Call for Nominations

The nominating committee of NAPS is charged with presenting a new slate of officers to the membership at each annual meeting. Members of the Society who are in good standing and who reside or work outside North America are eligible for nomination for any position.

The following is a call for nominations for our next group of board members and our other committee positions. Once it is determined, (most of) the new list will be presented for your approval at our 2017 annual meeting in Chicago.

Feel free to nominate yourself for any position for which you are eligible and interested. You may also nominate more than one eligible person for any of the positions on the list.

NAPS members are invited to forward their nominations for the following positions:

  • Two (2) Members-At-Large of the Board of Directors, each of whom will serve a two-year term
  • One (1) Student Member of the Board of Directors, serving a one-year term. Nominees for the position of Student Member should be a student at the time he or she is nominated and have plans of continuing as a student until the next Annual Meeting is held, i.e., May of 2018.
  • One (1) Vice-President of the Society, serving a one-year term followed by a one-year term as President of the Society
  • Two (2) Members-at-Large for the Awards and Prizes Committee (APC) of the Board, serving a three-year term. This is a new Society initiative. The APC recently was created as a standing committee of the Board, and it includes both regular Board members and members-at-large. Please note that the two members of this committee being sought with this Call for Nominations will not be members of the Society’s Board and, therefore, will not be subject to a vote by the Society’s membership. They will be appointed by the Board to the APC upon nomination from the Nominating Committee and approval by the Board.

Please send your nominations to all three members of the current Nominating Committee (using the e-mail addresses given below) by March 1, 2017 along with a brief paragraph of between 25 and 50 words of support for each person you nominate. Try to make plain the nominee’s qualifications for the position. Please also include a comment on the nominee’s past and present involvement with NAPS (this might include details about attendance, papers presented, collegiality, or a specific observation about other relevant activities).

Please address your nominations to all three committee members:

Vasiliki Limberis, Chair –

Daniel Caner –

Kristi Upson-Saia –