1. Heilige Letters en Lettergrepen

    Benno A. Zuiddam, Heilige Letters en Lettergrepen. De functie en het karakter van Schriftgezag in de tweede eeuw, zoals dit naar voren komt in de werken van Ignatius van Antiochië, Irenaeus van Lyon en Clemens van Alexandrië, Importantia (Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Teologia, 2007).


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  3. New Book

    I’m happy to announce the publication of my new book:
    J. Jayakiran Sebastian, Enlivening the Past: An Asian Theologian’s Engagement with the Early Teachers of Faith (Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press, 2009).
    Thanks to friends at NAPS, especially Dr Charles Bobertz, who encouraged me to do this.


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  5. Paul R. Kolbet Publishes Book

    Boston College Professor Publishes Book

    NOTRE DAME, IN, December 15, 2009<Paul R. Kolbet, assistant professor of
    theology at Boston College, has published a new book AUGUSTINE AND THE
    CURE OF SOULS: Revising a Classical Ideal. In this study, Kolbet crosses
    the boundaries of ancient philosophy, psychology, rhetoric, and theology
    to examine the ancient practice of the “cure of the soul” and to chart
    its Christian appropriation by Augustine.

    AUGUSTINE AND THE CURE OF SOULS is published by the University of Notre
    Dame Press. Click here for more information:


    Contact: Kathryn Pitts, Marketing Manager, University of Notre Dame
    Press, p. 574.631-3267, e. pitts.5@nd.edu


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