1. NAPS Member Awarded Grawemeyer Prize

    NAPS Member, Dr. Susan Holman, recently was awarded the Grawemeyer Prize in Religion for her recent book, Beholden: Religion, Global Health and Human Rights (OUP, 2015).

    The Grawemeyer Prize is an award of $100,000. Further details about the award may be found by clicking here.


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  3. Memory, Mission, & Identity. Orality & the Apostolic Miracle Tradition

    This book by Brandon Walker uses social memory theory to evaluate the miracle stories of Peter and Paul in three second-century texts: canonical Acts, the Acts of Peter and the Acts of Paul. Far from negligible to the spread of early Christianity, the memory of Jesus’ miracles and those related to apostles Peter and Paul was important for establishing early Christian identity and promoting discipleship. The memory of miracles of Peter and Paul was retained and developed in an effort to promote imitation of Jesus in second-century Christian communities.

    ISBN 978-2-503-55589-8
    More info: www.brepols.net


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  5. Make the Words Your Own: An Early Christian Guide to the Psalms (Paraclete Press, 2014)

    The Psalms have been the prayer book of God’s people for three thousand years. But many Christians today are at a loss for how to read the Psalms, and so are largely unfamiliar with how the Psalms can teach us to pray.

    Make the Words Your Own: An Early Christian Guide to the Psalms, by Benjamin D. Wayman, recovers Athanasius’s Letter to Marcellinus to teach Christians today how to pray the psalms. This is one of the earliest surviving Christian meditations on how to pray the psalms.

    For information on purchasing the book, go to http://www.amazon.com/Make-Words-Your-Own-Christian/dp/1612614183



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