Christ Meets Me Everywhere: Augustine’s Early Figurative Exegesis

Michael Cameron, Christ Meets Me Everywhere: Augustine’s Early Figurative Exegesis, Oxford Studies in Historical Theology (Oxford University Press, 2012).

Most readers first encounter Augustine’s love for Scripture’s words in the many biblical allusions of his masterwork, the Confessions. Augustine does not merely quote texts, but in many ways makes Scripture itself tell the story. Augustine gradually developed his Scripture reading skills in the first fifteen years of his Christian life as lay apologist, priest and bishop. Michael Cameron argues that Augustine’s developing understanding of Christ correspondingly deepened his understanding of Scripture’s unity and its network of figures. ‘Christ Meets Me Everywhere’ argues that Augustine sought to train Scripture’s readers to transpose themselves into the texts in the same way he did by the same process of Christ-based figuration that he found at its core.


October 25th, 2012 8:35 pm