Gildas & the Scriptures. Observing the World through a Biblical Lens

By Thomas O’Loughlin
xii + 396 p., 156 x 234 mm, ISBN 978-2-503-53436-7
Brepols Publishers 2013

Gildas is the earliest insular writer who has left us a substantial legacy of theological writing. He is usually, however, not seen as a theological writer but as an historical source for ‘dark age’ Britain at the time of the Germanic invasions in the mid-sixth century. Yet the deacon Gildas saw himself as a prophet charged by God to call the rulers and clergy of his society back to being a chosen people of the covenant. The form this call took was that of an indictment of those groups based on the testimonia of the Christian scriptures.

This book is a study both of Gildas’s use of the scriptures (his text, his canon, his exegetical strategies) and of how, from the way he interprets sacred history, he created a distinctive theology of the church and of salvation.

Thomas O’Loughlin is Professor of Historical Theology at the University of Nottingham. His areas of interest are Patristic and Medieval Theology, History of Scriptural Interpretation, Early Church and Method in Historical Theology.

Brepols Publishers
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