The Harp of Prophecy: Early Christian Interpretation of the Psalms

NOTRE DAME, IN, March 24, 2015—The Harp of Prophecy: Early Christian Interpretation of the Psalms edited by Brian E. Daley, S.J., and Paul R. Kolbet is now available in paperback and as an Adobe digital PDF e-book.

The Psalms generated more biblical commentary from early Christians than any other book of the Hebrew and Christian canon. While advances have been made in our understanding of the early Christian preoccupation with this book and the traditions employed to interpret it, no study on the Psalms traditions exists that can serve as a solid academic point of entry into the field. This collection of essays by distinguished patristic and biblical scholars fills this lacuna. It not only introduces readers to the main primary sources but also addresses the unavoidable interpretive issues present in the secondary literature.

THE HARP OF PROPHECY, edited by Brian E. Daley, S.J., the Catherine F. Huisking Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame, and Paul R. Kolbet, lecturer in early Christianity at Yale Divinity School, represents some of the very best scholarly approaches to the study of early Christian exegesis, bringing new interpretations to bear on the work of influential early Christian authorities such as Athanasius, Augustine, and Basil of Caesarea. The essays examine the dynamics of early Christian political power, gender expressions, and the ancient conversation between Christian, Jewish, and Greek philosophical traditions, among other issues. Students and scholars of theology and biblical studies will be led in new directions of thought and interpretation by these innovative studies.

THE HARP OF PROPHECY is part of the Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity series. The paperback and digital versions of the book are published by the University of Notre Dame Press.

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