Art & Religions of Antiquity, Society of Biblical Literature Call for Papers

Call For Papers: The Art and Religions in Antiquity program unit is sponsoring sessions at the 2016 annual meeting including TWO OPEN SESSIONS. 1) Art and Destruction: The Art and Religions of Antiquity program unit invites papers focused on Art and Destruction. For this session, we seek papers that treat topics concerning the removal, desecration, or destruction of art and material culture and its historical impact and relevance. Papers that treat the destruction of ancient art in recent years are also most welcome. 2) Art and Religion of Ancient Syria: For this session we seek presentations that address the role of art and material culture as it relates to Syria, broadly construed, in antiquity or late antiquity. Presentations that emphasize regionally distinctive monuments, artifacts, structures, manuscripts, and rituals are most welcome, along with recently discovered materials. For inquiries about best practices regarding matters of provenance, please consult with representatives of the SBL Council’s Task Force on the Use of Ancient Artifacts.


February 3rd, 2016 9:56 am