Can Gregory the Great blog & twitter? Yes he can.

Gregory the Great’s correspondence mirrors the historical context of his day and age. The reader gets to know his views on the affairs of the world, his spirituality; how he communicated as leader of the Church, diplomat, or as friend.

I started a blog and twitter about the 800 plus letters, using The Letters of Gregory the Great, trans. John R.C. Martyn, published by Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies. The concept is simple: every day or so a twitter with a quote, linked to a blog which quotes the paragraph the quote can be found.

I wanted to read all of his letters and consider this project a good (and fun) way to keep me going. So, I started to read every single letter, and I’ll blog and twitter what catches my eyes. I hope it will deepen my understanding of Gregory the Great. And I also hope followers will be inspired by it. I do feel Gregory the Great still has something to say to us.”

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Theologian dr Arnold Smeets

Centre of Patristics CPO, Utrecht, the Netherlands


May 4th, 2010 11:30 am