Early Christian Texts

Patrologia Graeca (ed. Migne)

Patrologia Latina (ed. Migne)


  • Athanasius Werke
    Website operated by members of the team responsible for the ongoing publication of the Berlin edition of Athanasius’ corpus (Athanasius Werke). It provides information on that project and a bibliography of Athanasian scholarship beginning from 1997.
  • The Patristics Master List (Monachos.net)
    A similar resource, but including a large number of locally hosted texts. Well-maintained and superbly useful.
  • Institut des Sources Chrétiennes
    The « Institut des Sources Chrétiennes » (Christian Sources Research Centre) was affiliated to the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) in response to the specific needs relative to the scholarship and works involved in studying and editing historical Christian texts. This research group is made up of several scholars who compile and analyse studies prepared by a network of French and foreign associates.
  • Early Church Fathers (Roger Pearse)
    A Web library of out-of-copyright translations of Early Christian and Late Antique pagan authors not found elsewhere. The site author (see also his Tertullian website) does an exceptional job with formatting and includes volume introductions, notes, and also additional material for select authors. Also provided are links to fonts required to display citations from non-Latin original-language texts. A model resource. Mirror site is found here.
  • Internet Medieval Sourcebook
    The three primary divisions of the Sourcebook are (1) the Selected Sources page which presents a selection of primary and secondary texts chronologically and topically, intended to be a student resource; (2) a Full Text Sources page which groups all archived primary texts by type and period; and (3) Saints’ Lives page devoted to hagiographical texts and resources. The main page also contains useful supplementary material and indices (see above).
  • Early Church Fathers (Calvin College)
    An archive containing all volumes (less indices) of the Ante-Nicene Fathers (ANF) and Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers (NPNF) in searchable format. All works can be freely viewed online, downloaded for free as text files, or downloaded as pdfs for a fee.
  • New Advent: Fathers of the Church
    This archive also has e-texts of ANF and NPNF, as per Early Church Fathers (Calvin College), but arranged alphabetically by author.
  • EWTN Patristics Library
    Another site from which ANF and NPNF may be downloaded. Prefatory notes indicate that EWTN has corrected the texts; they may be more accurate than those posted to other sites.
  • Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum
    The Forum Romanum website provides a list of Latin literature online, both texts and translations, and includes patristic authors.
  • The Latin Library: Christian Latin
    Online versions of various Christian Latin texts, from Tertullian to Thomas à Kempis.
  • Bibliotheca Augustana: Bibliotheca Latina
    Online library of Latin literature, chronologically ordered. See this page for an alphabetical listing of authors.
  • St. Pachomius Library
    This site began as an edited version of The Ecole Initiative’s documents page (see above), but over time is developing into “A First Draft for a Living Encyclopædia of Orthodox Christianity.”
  • Guide to Early Church Documents (ICLnet)
    An updated version of the UPenn guide to early Christian texts, primarily in the UPenn archives, and other related resources. The UPenn texts are searchable.
  • Internet Theology Resources: Church History and Historical Theology
    Contains an annotated list of links, arranged chronologically and topically, to texts spanning the history of Christianity. While the number of early Christian texts is modest and quite standard, its large annotated list of links to internet resources for church history and historical theology is very useful.
  • Internet Theology Resources: Monastic Studies
    A very useful page containing texts in both English and Spanish translation, some apparently unique, and a number of interesting photos of monasteries. Again, the annotated links to internet resources on monasticism are very useful.
  • Historic Documents of the Church
    A standard list of links both to a moderate number of early Christian texts and to sites with more comprehensive collections. Unique, however, is a delightful HTML version of Athanasius, On the Incarnation.
  • On-Line Books
    This is a search engine for online books, maintained by the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Index of Names for EOMIA
    Index of names for the Ecclesiae Occidentalis Monumenta Iuris Antiquissima, ed. C.H. Turner (Oxford, 1899-1939), compiled by Philip R. Amidon.
    An internet database of editions in progress of Latin patristic authors, established by the editors of CSEL. A vital first stop for any scholar contemplating an edition of a latin text.