Oriental Christianity




  • Classical Armenian Literature
    Information on the Digital Library of Classical Armenian Literature, a CD-ROM containing “more than 150 books, poems, and translations dating from the Fifth to the 18th Centuries . . . It also contains biographical details of the authors and a sophisticated search system for examining the texts” (from an ArmeniaWeek review).
  • International Association of Armenian Studies
    Homepage for the International Association of Armenian Studies/Association Internationale des Etudes Arméniennes. Contains information on the Association and its conferences, publications and membership. Recent newsletters are also available online.
  • UCLA Armenian Studies Links
    An excellent portal to all things Armenian.
  • Armenian Research Center Homepage
    This site is hosted by the UMich-Dearborn Center for Armenian Research and Publication. Information may be found here on the Society for Armenian Studies and its journal, and well as a very useful links page.
  • St. Nersess Armenian Seminary
    Homepage for the seminary, with information on St. Nersess Theological Review.
    A major Armenian ISP and an excellent starting place if you are looking for a particular Armenian site. For a search engine, try the Uniarts Armenian Directory Yellow Pages.
  • Robert Bedrosian’s Armenian History Workshop Dr. Bedrosian has generously provided online versions of the numerous Armenian historical works he has translated, as well as some of his scholarly articles. These works may also be purchased in softcover from his bookstore.


  • The Georgian Chronicle
    Found at R. Bedrosian’s Armenian History Workshop. “The Chronicle describes the history of Iberia/Georgia, Armenia’s northern neighbor, from legendary times to the 12th century, and is a rich source of unique information on such topics as Caucasian ethnography, Armeno¬≠Georgian relations, the history of Iran, the history of the Jewish community of Georgia and its role in the Christianization of the country; the birth of Islam,and the coming of the Saljuqs” (from the preface).
  • The Georgian Language
    “An outline grammatical description” by P.J. Hillery, with links to bibliography and fonts.



  • Library of Ethiopian Texts, Prague
    A collection of seven texts, mostly pseudepigrapha, in Classical Ge’ez (transliterated). They are both viewable online and downloadable in PDF format. Only two of theses texts are accompanied by English translations, but the page also contains links to other translations and resources on Ethiopic/Ethiopia.