Societies & Institutes

  • Institut des Sources Chrétiennes
    The « Institut des Sources Chrétiennes » (Christian Sources Research Centre) was affiliated to the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) in response to the specific needs relative to the scholarship and works involved in studying and editing historical Christian texts. This research group is made up of several scholars who compile and analyse studies prepared by a network of French and foreign associates.
  • Internet Theology Resources: Scholarly Societies
    General list maintained by the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University.
  • North American Patristic Society
    Contains information on the Society, conferences, and links to related resources (this page).
  • American Society of Church History
    Information on the Society and its membership, its annual conference, and the journal Church History.
  • Canadian Society of Patristic Studies
    Homepage of the Canadian Society of Patristic Studies/Association canadienne des études patristiques. Contains information on the Society along with useful links to related organizations.
    Website for L’Association Internationale des Études Patristiques/International Association for Patristic Studies.
  • Society for Late Antiquity
    See entry under Late Antiquity below.
  • Centre for Early Christian Studies
    Located at Australian Catholic University. Information on the Centre’s activities, staff, publications, and other items.
  • Center for the Study of Early Christianity
    Located at The Catholic University of America. Information on CUA’s Early Christian Studies program, courses, faculty, lectures and conferences.
  • Istituto Patristico Augustinianum
    The Augustinianum is an important center for patristic studies in Italy. This site includes information on the institute, its programs and faculty, and its annual conference.
  • The Bollandists
    Website on “Christian Hagiography” maintained by the Belgian Société des Bollandistes. Contains information on the Bollandists, their work and their publications, as well as a useful section of links for “Hagiography Worldwide.”
  • The Practice of Christianity in Roman Africa
    Homepage for the AAR Working Group for the Study of Christianity in Roman Africa. In addition to contact information, it provides the full text of papers submitted to the group.
  • Medieval Academy of America
    Maintains a conference calendar, job listings, info on grants and fellowships, etc.
  • Dumbarton Oaks
    A Harvard satellite, DO hosts a center for Byzantine Studies.
  • Seminarium Patristicum (University of Fribourg)
    Homepage of the Seminar of Patristic Studies at Fribourg, with some information on the Groupe suisse d’études patristiques/Schweizerische patristische Arbeitsgemeinschaft.
  • The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies
    Fosters systematic study in the fields of Patristics and early Christian literature by engaging in sustained teaching, research, and publication related to the early Church.
  • Christian History Institute
    The Christian History Institute is a non-profit organization promoting the study of church history. Online they have “91 issues of Glimpses, a bulletin insert on church history,” of which about twenty deal with the early church; “three editions of Pocket Classics,”— Justin’s First Apology, 1 Clement, and the Martyrs of Lyons and Vienne; and “a clickable calendar: What Happened On This Date In Christian History?”
  • Hill Monastic Manuscript Library
    Provides information on the library collection as well as images, music and links to related resources. HMML houses significant microfilm collects of medieval European and Eastern Christian manuscripts.
  • IDEO – L’Institut Dominicain d’Études Orientales du Caire
    The Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies in Cairo, a significant center for Coptic and Arab Christian studies. Provides information about the Center and its periodical, MIDEO.
  • Franz Joseph Dölger-Institut zur Erforschung der Spätantike
    In addition to information on the Dölger-Institut, this website provides information on the Institute’s publications and many useful links to sites of related interest. It hosts a particularly useful resource for users of the Reallexikon für Antike und Christentum—a keyword index that may be searched in English or German.
  • Pappas Patristic Institute
    An institute at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology dedicated to “the advancement and promotion of primarily Greek (and other eastern) patristic studies in the service of the academy and of the Church.” Newly founded (2003), the Pappas Patristic Institute will be sponsoring conferences, offering fellowships and producing publications.